this winter cold weather

Can you believe this temperature? -27 Fahrenheit at nine o'clock in the morning.

I am being reminded of my strange experience living in the cabin over the long cold winter when I was seventeen, just turning eighteen.

I am reminded that it takes this level of brutal cold to make the moisture around your eyes freeze your lashes shut with ice chunks.

This does not happen to you when it's ten degrees or twenty degrees above zero, no matter how cold you think you are.

The freezing of the eye lashes and the chunks of ice forming on your lids is a well below zero phenomenon.

I waited for the school bus to come barreling through the woods on the one lane frozen solid gravel road, 1978, the temperature undoubtedly this level of frigid. I remember the one Monday morning I was waiting and waiting in the dark, seven o'clock in the morning, and the bus didn't ever come. I remember I thought that if the bus never came I would die because I was going to be too cold to make it all the way back out the peninsula to the cabin again. But I did make it back to the cabin that day, heartsick that the bus had somehow forsaken me, one of my worst fears, that they had forgotten to come get me and I was missing out on the school day, my one lifeline.

The next morning I went back out, praying the bus would come.

When it came roaring around the corner I was overjoyed.

I asked the bus driver what had happened the day before.

He said it was Martin Luther King Day and there had been no school.

I had forgotten.

He asked if I had come down to the bus stop and waited.

I said yes.

He said he was sorry, that he should have reminded me on Friday.

It wasn't his responsibility, of course.

But I was so young, and I was so alone, and there was no margin for error.

Any mistake out there could truly have meant death for me.

I never wanted to be anywhere else.

I never wanted to give up, not once.

I could truly have called my mother and thrown in the towel.

I could have found a way to get back to Chicago, really quite easily.

It's so weird.

I didn't want a different path.

I did not once consider going back to Chicago and joining the kids at my old high school, even though this was truly possible.

I loved what I was doing.

I believed in it.

I was seventeen.

I love to revel in the vision that a young soul has to have to begin any life.

Isn't it remarkable what your soul can have the clarity to do that your conscious mind cannot truly comprehend.

Isn't that just wonderful?

Love to you today from Minnesota.



Courtney Yasmineh February 01, 2019 @10:50 am
Thank you Theresa! My birthday is coming soon so I'll look it up too! Fun idea!
Theresa January 31, 2019 @04:46 pm
A friend's birthday is today, and a friend of hers looked up and told her what the high and low temperatures were on the day she was born. I thought that was cute. My birthday was also recently and I got to wondering what the weather was the day I was born, so I looked it up. Turns out that it is pretty easy to get--in Minnesota, anyway!. Given your musings on your brutal winter of 1978 in northern Minnesota, I thought you might appreciate this:
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