this blog

This blog is a life line sometimes and a hassle other times, but my Google analytics report is saying that over a thousand people read it per month, or at least stare at the open blog page for over two and a half minutes, each month.

Some fans have told me at shows that they like to read it and are curious about it.

I'm doing it.

It's been over a year now of just about every single day.

At times, like now, it's hard to walk the line because my personal life is bigger than my music life right now.

Usually I like to keep my personal life on a quiet even keel so that my music life, and general artist life, can bloom.

Right now the personal has taken the front seat, even the driver's seat, and I'm in the passenger seat digging my fingernails into the dashboard.

That's okay, shit happens.

Hopefully the rest of this week, and month, and year, and life, can get back to calm floating down the beautiful little creek that is my daily life, me on a leaf, fanning my little fragile fairy wings as they sparkle in the sunlight.

Fairy wings for all.

Love all around.

See you, ideally, this Thursday in my beloved old town of Wayzata, 6-9pm at the 925 bar in The Landing Hotel on the main street.

I'm playing with Rob G and it'll be sweet.

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