there is nothing to do but be yourself anyway

All flailing over one's own failed moments aside, all you can do is be yourself anyway.

Saturday night playing at the Mini Cooper Dealership was such a great opportunity and I wanted so badly to do such a great job that I can continue my relationship with them and have some kind of creative sponsorship opportunity with them. But I don't know whether I made a good enough impression. And my determination probably backfired and I may not have been my best self (see yesterday's entry for painful details if you'd like). 

The bottom line is where ever you go, there you are. I must endeavor to be the best me and also to accept the one and only me.

I'm glad I have the time to think and explore, to dream and to create. I'm glad that for the most part I feel I use that time well.

This week I want to continue to use my life well, make time for people, for music, for writing, for love.

Today I recommit my humility to a path that is mine and mine alone, a path that has drawn me nearer to others on their own journeys.

I commit to follow up and follow through on every wonderful impossible glorious idea and dream.

Happy Monday!



Josephine Lane December 03, 2018 @12:35 pm
Things don't always go as planned. Every venue is a new experience and a different adventure. Keep up the faith. You are great so continue to be grateful and humble.
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