the world is opening to me finally

The world is your oyster.

True, but oysters can be hard to crack, yes?

I have toiled in relative obscurity for long enough.

I am personally declaring that the era of my confounding anonymity is over.

Does the tree make a sound if it falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it?

Does the writer who writes in journals and stacks the journals on a shelf really have anything to say?

Does the musician who makes records and brings them home and shoves the boxes of cds or vinyl under her bed because she doesn't know how to market them really have anything to say?

Brutal truths here for me.

But the oyster of the world is opening to me and I see the pearl which is the great reward for all one's efforts.

I do not give up on the world because the world is a busy place and cannot be bothered, doesn't have time to notice, doesn't have the luxury of perusing all things and choosing for itself.

An artist must thrust their art upon the world, shove their art into the face of the world and say, "Here! Take this! This is good for you."

Then the artist can truly say they made a noise, made an effort, made a difference.

I have set up the first of many shows in Europe for September 2019. I am bringing a full band as I did in years past. The full band experience is a delight and a spectacle that my duo with Rob cannot be. I have gained so much by learning to play as a duo. I have also forged closer bonds with my fans and supporters by playing as a duo in the US and Europe. 

But now we got to get this party started and the best way to do that is bring the band!

I can reach more people, make a bigger impression, say something and mean it in a big way.

Here is a photo from five years ago when I did an album release concert in Minneapolis for my "Wake Me Up When It's Over" record.

We had my full band plus a horn section.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes I will do this right in 2019 and we shall bast in the glory of our efforts, all of us together.


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