the ten year comparison photos

Let this be a lesson to us all: you are only as good as you allow yourself to be in your head.

If you can free your mind you can free your body and you can free your soul.

These photos were taken on stage by fans so I feel like they're fairly equivalent.

The first one was taken in France on tour about ten years ago.

The second was taken this past October 2018.

I know I thought I was giving my very best in that first picture, and I was.

That wasn't some weird "off" night.

That was a concert I was giving in my very best outfit with my very best guitar, on tour.

The body language says more than even the hair or the clothes or the guitars.

A real shot in the arm this is for me.

A reminder of how far I've come.

Popularity and fortune are not the yardstick.

This is.

Confidence acquired. Progress made.

You have to just believe me when I say that the physical appearance here is an accurate indication of the quality of the performances as well.

I assure you, that first performance didn't sound any better than it looked.




Courtney Yasmineh January 16, 2019 @03:22 pm
We all can improve with time if we give ourselves a chance. Love to you Josephine, you are so right!
Josephine Lane January 16, 2019 @08:57 am
Just like wine, we improve with age. You look fabulous and sound fabulous too.
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