The Taxman Cometh


The taxman cometh. Today. To Rob's house. A taxman who makes house calls. Yuck.

He's from the State Of Minnesota tax department.

I've always loved the State Of Minnesota.

I hired a tax accountant in the State Of Minnesota every year to do my self-employed post divorce taxes just so that I would be sure I was doing everything right and so that I wouldn't get audited. Sad.

I used to be a doctor's wife...fifteen years ago...and for a long while I had child support and alimony, and a savings account.

When my last child turned eighteen, four years ago, I went cold turkey on getting any external financial help and committed to succeeding as a full time artist.

"Put the leaches on me and let the blood letting begin", I joked.

Success would mean being able to support myself comfortably. 

I invested in myself and my career over the past four years. I made the albums, I booked the tours, I brought the band.

I am not at all comfortable yet, but this month will be the first month that my new MN subsidized health care kicks in and that means one less $440 payment per month. My asthma medicine will go from $100 a month to $3.00 a month.

I finally have purified my soul of the blood money of the divorce and I can begin again with a clean slate.

This is the beginning of a new era of artist survival for me and I'm excited about it.

And let's not forget that the plane tickets to Europe for our August return tour were purchased yesterday by the promoter I'm working with, so there is a lot to be excited about.

But in the face of fairly dramatic financial challenges,

with a currently empty savings account,

and a currently maxed out credit card,

here comes the tax man.

I'm going to be polite and nice and answer all of his questions.

I'm going to resist the urge to offer him a beer and play him a few songs on my guitar.

Wouldn't that be funny?

"Here, buddy, have a beer. I'm gonna play you a few of my songs on this here guitar."

One of his concerns is whether what I'm doing is a hobby or a full fledged career.

If it isn't a career then I can't write off my expenditures.

"This ain't no hobby, Dude. Have another beer. I'll play you this new one that says 'fear is my enemy and money is my rival'."



Josephine Lane May 09, 2018 @11:11 am
Not only do they audit you but you have to clean your house for the audit.
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