The sun continues to shine on our canine friend Ruby!

There are now, as of this morning, two music videos devoted to the celebration of our favorite Doberman Pinscher "Ruby" and her favorite human Marc Percansky.

The lyrics video was animated by my dear son Jordan, last Fall.

Now Steven Cohen has released a music video featuing the real Ruby herself, plus me singing the song I wrote for Marc and his dog.

You'll see Marc too, and we're all sort of color coordinated, which was a lucky fluke but not such a fluke because we were all on pretty much the same frequency by this time in the Ruby project.

Thanks again to Rob Genadek for producing and arranging and playing a bunch of instruments, and singing the backing harmonies.

Thanks to our longtime colleague Jonathan Benson for great electric guitar parts.

Thanks to Magic Marc for truly bringing out the best in all of us, especially me!

The next surprise from Ruby is a children's book coming soon!

Here are the two videos. I hope you love them! 

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