The porch is ready for creative discussions

The front porch is ready for creative conversations.

A friend is coming this evening to help me break it in.

We're going to light all the candles and sit out talking until it gets too chilly.

It's Rob's front porch so Rob will undoubtedly join in at some point as well, but he keeps long late hours at the recording studio so we never know when we'll see him.

I like that I have some free time coming up the next few weeks and I plan to sit on this porch rain or shine and finish editing my manuscript for book two in my "Sidney" series.

I will also be summoning the spirit with an acoustic guitar and a songwriting notebook from time to time in hopes of making a new acoustic album this year.

I am also taking maybe two or three new artist consult clients over the summer.

I charge $50 an hour and you can come sit on the porch and work on your prose, poetry, songwriting, or music business questions with me. Day or evening, weekdays or weekends.

I have a license to teach high school creative writing and literature in Minnesota, and many great references, and my clients range from age 15-80.

The porch will hopefully still be getting a new rug, three hanging baskets, and possibly a canvas curtain that can be drawn across the far end to shelter from windy days.

So far so good though.

Summer, here we come!


Josephine Lane May 04, 2018 @12:24 pm
Is there anything I can contribute to your front porch sanctuary?
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