The porch at night

Wasn't there a song called "Gardening At Night"?

This is the time of year when all is right with Creation and you just feel a pull to be outside all day and night.

Air conditioning is important in our society but it also lessens our chances of communing with Nature when we get too conditioned by our air conditioning.

Before you know it you're in a mindset that winter is too cold and summer is too hot and you just stay inside and watch Netflix or play video games or watch cooking shows or surf Facebook. None of that shit is living. Those are all secondary experiences.

Walking through the grass in bare feet is a firsthand experience of divine sensation and primal joy. Do it.

Lighting candles and sitting outside at night is firsthand living, feeling the beauty of Summer, when all creatures are given a survival reprieve, when food is abundant, the air is pleasant, the nights are gentle. Do it.

I want to be sure I revel in the seasons. If I'm going to live in Minnesota, which apparently is the Lord's plan for me right now anyway, then I am going to ride my bicycle, walk barefoot through the stony creek with the clear cool water rushing past my ankles, wade out into the lake from the sandy shore.

I am going to garden in Rob's yard, even at night, even in the rain, coaxing the flowers, tending the soil, ordering the stones.

Beauty of Summer abounding. I love it all.



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