the past is gone every morning

I have been so struck by this idea that the past is gone.

My daughter Nina shared this mystic person's Twitter site with me, a woman named Audrey Kitching.

Audrey says that after the recent lunar eclipse we have fully entered the Age of Aquarius and the past has been obliterated.

Okay Audrey, I'm with ya.

I read that and I took it very seriously.

I started thinking, wow, what does it feel like if the past is truly obliterated, and I got this weird untethered floaty feeling in my mind.

I thought about women who've been raped. I have not been raped, so this is just an idea I have, but if you've been raped, or let's just say traumatized in any way in your past, that memory is something that defines you.

If you have a traumatizing memory, it defines you somewhat, at least to yourself.

What if the past has been obliterated?

What if you can't say you're that girl who got raped?

If you're that guy who killed someone and you're in jail, I'm not sure this kind of thinking is going to work, but maybe it could alleviate some of your internal regret if you have that.

Or if you were a soldier and you lost your legs during a bombing, it's going to be pretty hard to pretend that didn't happen.

So, I don't know, Audrey.

But, okay, if you were raped, but you have no lasting physical damage to your body, and yet it tortures your mind, or you feel you have become changed in a limiting way by that experience, in that case, the obliteration of the past could truly be of great relief.

Then I thought about the ocean tides.

I have only spent a few days in my lifetime near an immense body of water that has distinguishable tides.

But when I did, I found it to be the most magical thing to see how people and animals spent the entire day making footprints, digging in the sand, making sandcastles, changing the beach in a thousand ways.

The next morning, the beach would be returned to it's pristine glory, like an "etch-o-sketch" toy I had as a child.

The past was obliterated every night.

We learn from history no doubt.

We learn from our experiences, no doubt.

If you owe money, you can't say, well the past was obliterated by the lunar eclipse so I don't have to pay you now.

But, strangely, Audrey is right.

The past is gone.

I want to live like the past is gone.

This is my first day.

I'm writing my first album.

I'm going outside to shovel my first snowfall.


Courtney Yasmineh February 08, 2019 @09:51 am
Love to you Josephine. You always have wisdom to share. Thank you.
Josephine Lane February 07, 2019 @01:59 pm
We only have today. The past is over and the future is not here. It is hard sometimes to remember to just live in the present moment. Love the picture.
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