the high road

Every adult who has any autonomy makes choices every day on this planet.

The choices usually come down to taking the high road and taking the low road.

If the commandment you have set for yourself is to take the high road always and in every situation, then making choices is much easier.

I am personally finding that expression "take the high road" to be very easy to define from situation to situation.

So far I haven't met with a situation where I am saying to myself, "hmmmm, which choice is the high road choice here?"

I mean, maybe I take a minute to think about what the options actually are, and then to ask myself which is the high road choice, but I haven't yet had to ponder between the choices. It's always fairly obvious when put into those far.

I didn't used to be so deliberate about my actions. I stumbled along in the grey areas between good and evil. I thought it would all work out. It doesn't. Being slightly manipulative to suit your desires does not come out well in the end. 

So now I am being conscientious about looking for the high road, staying on the high road, remembering that the high road is the goal and really the only way to go.

If you'd like examples, I have plenty. Ask and it shall be given in the comments here.

Thanks. Love to all. Gratitude. High road.


Jeff September 21, 2018 @01:29 pm
The high road is more rewarding path to travel. Good for you!
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