the double edged sword

The efforts we make in putting ourselves out into the world are as difficult as we think they are...and that's pretty darn difficult.

Make no mistake.

It's a double edged sword to reveal your true self.

You have to let go of your striving for perfection and accept yourself as you are, your gifts, your body, your abilities, your imperfections.

You also have to be the very best you can be because if you half ass it people will notice.

That's the double edged sword.

One cutting edge that can slice you, because it's razor sharp and it hurts, is that you have to see yourself clearly and do what you yearn to do anyway.

The other edge that is so sharp and cuts like hell is the necessity to give your all, do your best, not be apologetic or avoidant or lazy.

Two difficult challenges all at the same time.

The balancing point of these is nirvana.

You get to be free.

You get to do what you want and the world let's you.

This is what I'm attempting now.

Southwest Tour plans are coming together.

Cover tunes album recordings are coming together.

Prayer, meditation, hard work, collaboration. 

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