the delightful task of helping others with their creative work

This morning I have read the brand new creative writing works of two aspiring authors.

The two writers are very different people, both are fans of my music which may be the only thing they have in common.

Both works are a delight to read.

I feel grateful and lucky to add into my pursuits as an artist the very illuminating and rejuvenating tasks of helping others pursue their dreams.

If you have something going, in songwriting, poetry, or prose, or if you're working up a performance delivery for your first open mic, let me know if you need critique or just encouragement, or just somebody to help you stay on track.

I have many good references and my rates are reasonable.

I love helping other artists.

It keeps me current on what others are thinking about, and what others are doing with their visions.


You can use the "contact Courtney" form on this website to get in touch.

If you are in the Twin Cities we can meet at my place or yours or at Rob's recording studio if that's your game.

If you're somewhere else on the planet, we can work by emails.

I love you.

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