the car dealership again

I went back to the MINI Cooper car dealership again yesterday.

The managers invited me back to test drive a car with them.

I went out in a super duper light grey Clubman style with racing stripes.

It has double doors that swing open at the back and a big space for gear.

It has four wheel drive and feels very solid.


The people at the dealership are so great.

After my being so uncertain of whether my music went over okay, and my driving Rob G nuts over whether we were too loud or not loud enough the night we played their big holiday party, it turns out they are inviting me back for next year!

I'm so relieved and excited that they want to continue working with me.

The MINI Cooper is made in England and is owned by BMW out of Germany, so this car really fits my international perspective on life.

I want to find a way in 2019 to have a MINI Cooper that I can drive on tour in the US, all over the US, and be a sponsored artist by the car company.

And maybe the sponsorship can carry over to my touring in Germany and England as well!

Dream BIG!

I need to go back and have them take a picture of me in the car.

I will, I promise.


Jeff Parkman December 11, 2018 @02:19 pm
Congrats on getting asked back for a show next year at the dealership! Maybe a good omen for getting sponsored for your upcoming tours.
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