the airport show, the weekly residency, maybe even the blog

There is change a comin'.

Remember that expression about how change is the only constant?

I agree with that.

I played at the airport yesterday.

I made $250 total.

I only spent $4 on my light rail ticket; luckily the light rail runs right through Rob's neighborhood.

I played solo so I didn't have to split the pay, and I sold some CDs to add to the base pay which got the total up.

A traveling professional musician came up, bought my new album, and said that my voice and guitar sounded great and that my songs were great, so I felt good about my performance.

On the way home I was thinking about how I could ask to play the airport more often.

I said this out loud to my daughter Nina on the phone.

She responded, "Yeah, but Mom, is that what you really want to be doing?"

I said, "No! Hell no! It's a decent deal, and some people were very encouraging, but it's not a good situation for an artist at all. The people are not there to listen to a proper concert. No, it's not where I belong at all."


The same thing happened this week when I played my weekly coffee house show.

I ended up having the same sort of conversation with a musician whom I really love and admire.

We followed up the next day by email and it was clear to me that the coffee house weekly gig, which I was doing for myself and to make a little money for groceries each week, is turning out to be another place I don't really want to be.

In 2019 I want to be where I really want to be. 

Every day and every night in 2019 I want to be where I really want to be.

Money is my friend and my currency.

Fear is obsolete.

Gratitude is a running dialogue.

Love is the frequency I live at.

Change is coming and I am ready.

Love to you this beautiful day.

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