Thanks to fans who came to my last two shows

I had some fans at my last two shows this week.

Someone at one of the venues asked me if the people I was sitting with after my performance were friends of mine and I said, "No, they're fans."

The young bartender was surprised and said, "You mean you don't know them personally?"

And I said, "No they're real fans. They are here for my music, we don't have a personal relationship, it's about the music."

I liked that conversation because it reminded me not to take the fans for granted, and I won't.

Fans, unlike friends for the most part, actually want to go over the play by play recount of the performance you just gave.

Other musicians don't want to do that, for the most part, and neither do your friends and family..unless they happen to also be actual fans.

I've had fans on tour invite me to their homes for a nice dinner on a night off and they have said, "We wouldn't be inviting you if your music wasn't good."

Ha! There it is! Well, I love that!

Earning the privilege of calling someone a fan of my music is something I aspire to with everyone who comes in earshot. 

So, in the past two shows I had fans attending who were forthcoming with the play by play analysis afterwards.

Things they said that I particularly liked (and I don't remember anyone saying anything I didn't like which is awesome):

-they said that my banter on stage about the State of MN auditing my taxes is funny and an attention getter (thanks State of MN, for that)

-they said the all electric rock set at Mortimer's was very tight and professional(which I was happy about)

-they said the long show at the Underground with switching of guitars, and the requisite fussing with the sound because there's no sound guy, seemed casual and personal but kind of meandering (agreed, and also, I get something out of having to do the sound and learning to make the longer show work...but I'm learning in front of an audience so thank goodness it's a pretty forgiving audience there)

-they said that my talking about most of the songs before I play them has become a trademark of my performances and they like the talking

-they said that the talking is charming and brings people in but the songs are surprisingly truthful and have an edge that you maybe don't see coming from the nice cheerful that good?....they thought that was there was a 'fuck you all' element to the songs themselves that is not foreshadowed in the introductions...I used to have a guy in my band who would say "I don't know why, but at the end of every CY performance I have a burning desire to get up on the mic and yell 'yeah! fuck you all!'".....haha! Awesome! Rebel yell!

The fans also said they like this blog, and they can't believe how honest it is and that I'm very brave to do the blog the way I'm doing it.

Well, it's not that brave. I'm not talking about my love life or my favorite sex positions.

I think it's somehow therapeutic to me to share these daily posts after thirty or more years of writing every morning in journals that no one ever read...well at least I hope no one read them. A lot of those journals are still around, in boxes in Rob's basement mostly.

If I die and people become curious about my life, those are the daily writings to get your hands on. 

This blog is all one theme, something like, "How to become an international superstar in twenty years or hopefully fewer and how to go from riches to rags and hopefully, eventually, to riches again by pursuing what you love most"

Maybe the best of these blog posts can be compiled into a new book once my four book series about Sidney is completed...or sooner even!

Cheers mates!

Here's to the fans!

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