Taxes and a show a new novel...

I go see the Minnesota tax guys again today, maybe for the last to say since I don't think they read this but even if they do...I won't be sorry to never see them again although I truly like both of the guys who have worked on my audit. I think they're basically good people trying hard to do a difficult job. They say they believe in the truth but I do think their bias is to get more money for the State of Minnesota; whenever possible to interpret the rules in favor of the State, they do. That makes them seem dishonest, which they probably aren't, but you really have to fight for the rulings to fall in your individual favor. That's what I've learned from all this. In the end, I was audited for three separate years of taxes that I filed with a very good but very expensive tax expert. The expert asks for a three thousand dollar retainer to help you if you get audited from their work. So I had to represent myself. I've done a great job if I do say so myself and most of what the tax guys wanted to contest I have been able to prove, starting way back at the beginning with the basic question of whether I'm even a full time artist and whether I am even eligible to claim expenses for my work. It was fun and galvanizing to work through these questions with them and come out on the other side with them fully supporting my contentions that this is what I do and I do it well. Hell yeah. So, today is the last meeting I think. They have gone from saying that I owe a ton of money from things I shouldn't have taken as write offs to now saying that I will owe some adjustments for each of the three years but it will be in the hundreds not the thousands, and that I can apply for a payment plan and maybe pay it off fifty dollars a month (for many many months, but hey at least they aren't going to confiscate my Jeep that is the only thing I own). The tax audit chapter will soon be completed and with a not too terrible ending.

Next up on the agenda is my Nanowrimo write a novel in the month of November thing. I'm going to work on that right now when I finish this. It's already coming along great! I wrote three thousand words yesterday which is nearly ten pages. Sidney is a very different person I realized immediately, and it's really fun to write from her vantage point because she thinks like a Boss! She's really out there living large and it's amazing to behold. It's going to be a great book I truly believe. I love it already!

Lastly, tonight is my show at the 318 Cafe in Excelsior, MN. I love to return to this pretty little lakeside town this time of year and play a special evening of music. I'm going to bring my light up pirate skulls and candles and wear my top hat and make it a real pirates' dream of a night. I can't wait.


Courtney November 06, 2018 @03:25 pm
Thanks Jeff! I’m really feeling good about the way the tax audit is shaping up for sure, and I really think I did a great job representing myself. Thanks for caring!
Jeff Parkman November 05, 2018 @03:31 pm
Glad to hear that you were able to get your tax issue resolved favorably. One less hassle for you to have to deal with. Good going.
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