Taking time off from this daily blog

I've taken some time off from this daily blog.

I love it and it has nourished me in a thousand ways.

It has been valuable to others too, I know.

Right now I'm playing shows almost every day and sometimes an afternoon and an evening show.

Working to finish my new album too.

And working on new songs for a new more personal acoustic record this winter.

I may be writing less often than daily for a while now.

I'm not going to limit it, I'm just going to let it happen.

If you check in with my website every once in a while, you can probably get caught up on the CY trials and tribulations fairly quickly.

If you see me out on my bicycle, say hello.

If you can, come to a show.

Love to you this summer.

Love the plants, love the animals, love the humans.

We're all all we've got.


Courtney Yasmineh July 12, 2019 @07:40 am
I'm going to just keep going! Thanks Josephine!
Josephine Lane July 10, 2019 @01:51 pm
I'm so happy you changed your mind. Even if you only blog once a week I could live with but the thought of no blog at all made me really sad. I love your thoughts, honesty and encouragement in your blogs.
Courtney Yasmineh July 09, 2019 @03:07 pm
Okay, well, I'm going to try to keep it going then! Encouragement is greatly appreciated!
Josephine Lane July 08, 2019 @03:14 pm
Oh I am sorry to hear you are taking some time off. I will miss your daily blog but I understand.
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