Take what you have on the inside and manifest it on the outside


I want to take what I have on the inside and manifest it to the world.


There's a light shining deep inside of me that is fostered by the spirit of the universe.

That light should shine forth for all.

That light is in everyone.

We see it in others and we are warmed and encouraged and inspired by the light.

What is that?

Divine inspiration. Divinity. Love. 

Maybe you can't go around trying to prove you have it, but maybe you must endeavor to go around letting it shine forth.

Resentment blocks it. Doubt blocks it. A loss of faith blocks it. Anger blocks it. Probably sarcasm and bitterness block it.

I am picturing a person with a miner's lamp strapped to his head. He turns it on and goes forth. He is a beacon.

If he gets lost or loses confidence, I picture him taking the lamp off his head and turning it off.

He stands alone in the darkness.

Others can't see him, he can't help lead the way.

That's me when I get discouraged.

I turn off my light and stand alone in my darkness.

And it sucks for me and for people who love me.

It sucks for people who were encouraged by my light.

Remember to turn on your headlamp and put that thing on and march bravely forward into the unknown

with faith and belief and gratitude for the chance to face the darkness with your light shining bright.

Today I'm spending some time writing emails to people in the music industry who are doing things I want to be doing.

I hope at least one of these wonderful brave people will respond to me.

I am shining my light.

I hope they will see it.

Hope. Faith. Gratitude.

Here's my new album poster!

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