SXSW 2019 today!

We're in a wonderful little town called McKinney, in Texas.

We made it here last night in time to check in to our $50 Motel 6 room and then we went to a fun place called Cadillac Pizza Pub and heard two female singers playing all kinds of cool old Eagles and Fleetwood Mac songs. The singers were Nina's age and the place was fun and cheerful.

The salads we ordered were only $10 each and we each had a $7 drink, so we stayed on our very tight budget pretty darn well again yesterday. That was our only meal. Other than that we treated ourselves to Caribou coffee drinks when we left Missouri because it was probably going to be the last Caribou for a long while. We are surviving in the car on the Trader Joe's healthy snacks we bought before we left, and that's all still holding up well for the next part of the journey.

Today we drive the almost four hours right into SXSW in Austin and pay probably $20 to park the car. Then we'll walk around and see musicians, some we know and many we don't know.

I haven't been called for my waitlist spot so I'm probably not playing at this point.

That's fine.

We have four good shows coming in Santa Fe and Denver/Boulder.

We don't have a place to stay tonight because everything close in was too expensive for our budget.

Our plan is to leave SXSW whenever we're ready to go and drive out of town toward Santa Fe, get as far out as we can and find another Motel 6. We're having good luck with them so far.

So, not a lot of music happening yet. And we haven't started filming yet.

We've got to get this Austin thing behind us before we can get our own creative process going, we both feel that.

Once we hit Santa Fe tomorrow night, we have a room there, another Motel 6, reserved for four nights in a row.

Plus we have shows two of the four nights. That's going to be a great time I think, fun and productive.

Okay, we're off to find coffee!

Fortune favors the brave!

Thanks for all the support and prayers and well wishes.

All so much appreciated!

Here's the first stop we made in Texas yesterday afternoon.



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