swept up

I've been swept up again in a tide of music in my ears....some fear too, maybe I won't be able to get it right, make it work as a real song, make the lyrics sing, and remember the whole damn thing.

"I'm gonna give you all the love that I'm made of, I'm gonna I'm gonna......"

Strange song lyrics coming from Heaven or from the stars, I don't know exactly, singing to me like the Munchkins in the original "Wizard Of Oz" movie...

"I'm gonna bring you red roses in the dead of winter, I'm gonna I'm gonna,

I'm gonna bring armfuls of lilacs in the early Springtime, I'm gonna I'm gonna"

I know the melody.

I can't tell what's stupid, I can't tell what's poor quality, how can I be the judge when I'm the recipient of gifts I don't understand?

You can judge when it's all said and done, or you can revel with me, it'll be your decision as it always is and always has been.

I will write you these songs and bring them to you like an armful of lilac branches in full bloom, like right now in gorgeous Minneapolis.

I will try to delight you.

And you can turn them away if they aren't good enough for you.

Or you can love them with me.

And I'll just keep making bouquets.


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