Sunday NYT in the big backyard of the man I love


Here is the best quote for me in my beloved Sunday morning New York Times, it's an excerpt from Deborah Levy's new book called The Cost Of Living and it says, "a woman has to find a new way of living and breaks from the societal story that has erased her name."

In this passage Levy is referencing female writers Adrienne Rich, Marguerite Duras, Elena Ferrante.

I think of this passage as being a way of talking about my own motivations, aspirations, determinations.

I would say that I witnessed how the society I live in wanted me to go away at the age of forty-two when I made my first recordings.

People said, to my face, repeatedly, that I was too old and that what I was doing was bad, or wrong, or impossible, or ridiculous, or hopeless.

I sit here in Rob's big backyard, so grateful, so full of love, gratitude, determination, reading my Sunday New York Times in the shelter of this great man who I love so dearly.

My name will not be erased by those who think a woman should take all of her intelligence and wisdom and bury it with her body when she dies.


Only fools would want the woman who has weathered the storms of men, children, parents, bosses, failures and losses, to not speak.

Only fools would say that the only good voices and the only good words come from the lips of young girls, young women.

If you think this you are a fool.

The woman who has experience and knowledge, spirit and divinity, must speak, must sing, for the salvation of us all.

Every voice must be lifted.

The children in the detention camps are being made to clean the toilets. They are being told they cannot hug or console each other. They are being separated from their siblings and made to stand in long lines alone for their food. 

What the fuck are we doing, people?

Will we continue to inflict suffering everywhere we cast our greedy eyes?

Who are we?

And do you honestly think we only need the voices of the young to sing for our souls?

We need every voice, every voice among us, to sing for mercy, to sing for deliverance from evil.

I will not be erased.

Let every voice be heard.

The beauty of my circumstances is not lost on me.



Vern Norwood July 15, 2018 @03:50 pm
Be fore warned (or is dat warmed) --- I read u blog a couple o times & find no fault in u stance. However,, I just want u to grasp: dat agism in da music world ain't just a female format. It may very well be a bit tougher on women, but it is a system of demographics ( not art). This was hard for me to accept; but over time it became brutally clear. So----I applaud u courage, & wish u da best. But; me thinks u have a higher calling in music etc. than the Indy pop scene good werk ----V
Enrique July 15, 2018 @01:05 pm
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