Sunday morning in Minnesnowta

Minnesnowta is exactly what this place is right now.

I'm happy about it because it feels like Mother Nature has her groove on.

It feels very cleansing, very purifying.

All this glorious sparkling white coming down from the heavens, clinging to tree branches, piled along the paths and roadsides.

It's magnificent.

What fools we humans can be, to curse the incredible beauty all around us, every snowflake an inconvenience.

I want to believe that the trees, all the fabulous trees of the great Northland, are benefitting from this blanket of snow this year.

I hope the bulbs I planted last Fall in Rob's big backyard will do well from all this and will come up and bloom.

Daffodils, crocuses, tulips, and grape hyacinths, my favorites.

My daughter Nina and I leave on tour to Austin and beyond on Tuesday, maybe we will wait until Wednesday so I have an extra day to write my handmade little books because I sold out of them all...see yesterday's rant post.

We'll be gone for two weeks.

Maybe when we return, Spring will have begun in Minnesnowta, but maybe a new six inches will just have fallen.

I'm going to be appreciative and grateful, I'm going to be appreciative and grateful, repeat after me.........

Also, don't forget about our campaign to raise funds for our tour:


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