Summer Europe Tour!

We are gearing up to hit the road next week, and the road is surprisingly leading back to Europe for a second string of fabulous summertime shows.

Only once before in the past ten years have we done two tours in Europe in one year.

In the past ten years we have been to Europe for my music eleven times and this will be my twelfth.


I had never been to Europe before all of this started with my music recordings.

In the beginning, with my first album, I got a lot of indie radio interest from Ireland, The UK, The Netherlands, Sweden.

I told Rob Genadek who was just beginning to work with me on a second album that I was getting radio play in Europe.

He said, "You need to get over there and play shows right away!"

I thought that was a crazy idea because I had never envisioned myself going to Europe for any reason and I was already in my mid forties.

But when the second album came out and was featured on Luftansa Airline's summer in-flight playlist, I started to think Rob was right.

By the time my third album "Beautiful Lonely" came out, we were ready when several of those songs got attention internationally.

We took my four piece band and we headed to Europe and the UK, with me, who had never been to any of these places, booking the shows myself.

In the eight or nine tours we did as a three and four piece rock band, there were some pretty dicey situations and some expensive mistakes, but all in all we had a lot of fun, we learned a lot, and I began to carve out a career for myself by sheer determination.

As you know, we also spent all the money from my divorce trying to lift this thing up off the ground.

But now we are flying and it seems like it was all worthwhile.

And here we are, returning twice in one year!

See you out and about in August in Europe!

I can't wait!


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