stuff is definitely happening

There is real stuff happening.

I'm feeling excited.

I have two shows today...this first at a DIY to the max attic room called the Auk's Roost is me playing three songs by "less known" Minneapolis artists. I'm playing Josephine Lane, Peter Mayer, John Gorka. These people have had very different career trajectories and back stories but I think all will be new names to the audience at the Auk's Roost and all have lived or do live in Minneapolis.

The second show today at The Riverview Cafe is the first show ever in my life with my daughter, the great songwriter and pop artist Nina Luna.

She plays at 7:30pm, she's doing three songs, I play at 7:45pm. She has a first date tonight so she'll be taking off soon after she plays!

But there's more!

I'll be working with Rob G today from noon until 3pm on the new cover tunes record which is coming along beautifully, better by far than the first set of recordings which were lost by the hand of God, now we all see.

The tour to the southwest is two weeks beginning March 12th and it has shaped up beautifully.

When we return I have several new shows coming up in the Midwest throughout the Spring and Summer.

So, stuff is really happening and I feel great.

See you at a show!

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