street shows and last night at The Tavern

Two things to happily report:

one is that I have ended up doing the holiday street show three days in a row this weekend and it's been great. The Downtown Improvement District had offered me these three days in a row this weekend, for $100 per performance, which would be a nice amount of money to kick off December, plus kicking off the holiday season with three shows in a row is fun. But I also had the show planned for Northfield last night which is a hour drive each way and a three hour performance commitment so I didn't want to over do it physically for myself. But then I thought I should just be tough and do what I say I want to do which is sing all the time for everyone and anyone. The holiday street show is set up very nice with a cute white tent right on the corner of 6th and Nicollet. There are cute little cafe tables set up inside the tent with checkers and chess games, coloring paper and markers for kids. There are heaters and it's actually quite warm. I have my cute wagon like I did in the summer with my PA in it. And I sing all my songs plus Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree and fun songs like RUBY! too. So yesterday I did the street show AND the show down in Northfield. I sang for five hours yesterday! I don't like to take breaks as you probably know, so I only took one ten minute break at the evening show, that was it. I have to admit that it's a little hard to type this morning because the guitar fingertips on my left hand are a little sore from so much guitar playing. And, okay, my voice is slightly hoarse this morning, not terrible, but slightly hoarse. But I made some really great new fans yesterday at both shows. And over this weekend I will make a total of about $500 which is great.

I want to take a minute to tell you about one woman at the holiday street show yesterday. She was maybe thirty-five years old, I don't know for sure. I think she had a drug problem and she was obviously looking to warm up in my awesome tent on Nicollet. The people who run the program are very supportive of the "street people" which is half the reason I do these shows, in honor of my brother and the life he lead as a street person himself in his later years. So, this woman came in and sat down at one of the cafe tables and she wasn't paying any attention to me, she was rummaging through her big tote bag she had with her. I started to sing my song "Tangled Web". "I probably loved you more than I care to admit...." and she looked up at me. I kept singing the song, and I watched her face, and the whole song showed across her face like a movie, every word just hit her straight in the heart. She lifted her long knitted scarf to her eyes and wiped away tears. By the time I got to the part that says, "hold on to your faith in love 'til the day you die, it will lift you up, it will lift you up, it will lift you up higher!" she rose to her feet and lifted her arms in the air and just stood there in the tent like that with rapture on her face. Yes, I said already, she was probably on some kind of drug trip. Or she's mentally ill like my brother was. I get that. But my song sure did make her happy and that made me really happy too. She stayed for the rest of my performance and at the end she told me that I was the best thing that had happened to her in a long time. 

Okay, the second thing to report is that The Tavern in Northfield is the perfect place to play a solo show. It is a very old hotel on a river and it reminds me of when we used to live in Vermont. The Tavern Lounge is a tiny old place in the back of the hotel. Wonderful old bar, old style tables, small scale, very cozy, very small village in Europe, small town in New England. I could not have been happier there. It's a small place, but still, considering I've never played there before, it was packed with real listeners. Standing room only for much of my three hour show. People bought my CDs, vinyl records, and my book. I loved the whole experience and hope to play there again soon.

Today I play the street show again 3-5pm but that's all I have to do. Then we heat up the Shepard's Pie I made from the left over turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes. We'll celebrate The Great Rob Genadek's Birthday tonight!

Love to you, thanks for reading!

Here's me getting ready for my two shows yesterday. So fun to have my kids at home (taking pictures of their mom), goofing around, having lots of fun.


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