Still in the holiday spirit

I have been invited to a couple of very nice parties over this holiday season in Minnesota and I am feeling the holiday spirit quite a bit more as a result. Last night the oldest of my beautiful daughters, Nina, accompanied me and our hero the great R. Genadek to a spectacular party.

Nina and I were in long sparkly dresses and long black dress coats, with our signature holiday look of the platform black Doc Marten boots....we didn’t mean for this to become a thing but we both wore ours every day with everything these past two weeks, which definitely constitutes a signature fashion statement. Master Genadek was in black as well, and looking dapper.

The holiday party was in a very large and very old English style manor house in the grand Crocus Hill area of St. Paul. A couple we know as colleagues and friends has recently purchased this massive but quaint relic of a house and are making it gorgeous inside and out. 

We were met at the end of a narrow street by lanterns lit with candles showing the way. Inside there was champagne and drinks of every kind, and a long table in the dining room filled with many kinds of olives, sliced meats snd cheeses, tiny hot grilled sandwiches of apple and brie or ham, and many other small delights, fresh figs, cookies, chocolates. There were several fireplaces all with logs aflame.

I had the unusual opportunity to stand beside my wonderful and accomplished daughter and hear her talk about her music to several strangers. It was a large gathering and we didn’t know many people. Nina spoke with great confidence about her intentions and that was very fortifying for me. Listening to her made me very aware that she and I both now have clear ideas, clear intentions, clear paths before us.

Also, it is lovely to have a great protector in dear Rob. Going to a party with him is great because if you have nothing else to do you can always go stand next to him and he is always engaged in some interesting conversation with someone. He’s just that kind of guy.

I also had some moments where Nina helped me talk about my intentions and my career with people who knew nothing about me. At one point Nina reminded me, to the person we were talking to, that I say now that all I really ever wanted was to sing for people. This is true, and it is the foundation of all that I do in my career. I just want to do everything I can to be able to put on the very nicest biggest most wonderful concerts that I possibly can for people everywhere I can possibly go. 

A great party invitation is a great gift in so many ways.

Last night was a great gift to me to be sure.

Gratitude rules the day.

I hope you feel all good blessings and joy this day where ever you roam.


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