Statements of good hope and good will

Sometimes it's best to just write out the statements of good hope and good will. 

I love seeing little plants poking up their heads right now in the early Spring of Minnesota.

I love that the big old Martin guitar may have a crack in it but it still sounds pretty damn good.

I love that my little dog sits out on the porch with me when I'm writing now and he stands up and growls at the big black fly who comes to be nosy.

I love that my barbecue grill is set up on Rob's back patio ready for business and my kids are coming to visit soon.

I love love love that my son is graduating next week and I get to go hear Justin Trudea give the commencement speech!

I love that I get to play an hour long solo set tonight at a nice little songwriter place in Minneapolis and see if I can win people over.

I love that there is so much promise in the world with young women in Africa tending orphaned elephants now as real work that can help both the people and the wildlife.

I love that there is so much promise all around.


Courtney May 07, 2018 @01:33 pm
Cindy, thanks for joining in with your voice and spirit here. Happy Spring, indeed!
Cindy May 06, 2018 @08:57 am
New beginnings here in my yard. Happy heart to see and experience spring. Congrats on your sons graduation and inspirational speech to the new grads. Thanks to you for your courageous style, vulnerability.
Courtney May 06, 2018 @08:28 am
Josephine Lane May 05, 2018 @05:48 pm
I love your dog and I love your blog.
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