Spring forward and the way will open before you

I think it's a Rumi quote that says something like "spring forward and the way will open before you".

That's the kind of expression that people like my mom don't like.

It's ridiculous.

You can't do anything without making sure you're prepared and have the proper supplies.

But I have found, quite to the contrary of the Boy Scout motto "be prepared", that if I spring forward the way does open before me.

So, what do you make of it?

 I am planning to return to Germany in August. I've been invited back by many people and venues to play in some lovely situations, and I want to say yes.

So I'm saying yes.

I don't have it planned out.

And there isn't the money in the coffers to cover the expenses.

How will it happen?

It will be a tight rope walk!

Why did circus people ever make up a trick where you tied a tight rope across an open area, high up off the ground, and then attempted to walk across the rope?

Why did anyone ever make up such a dangerous and frivolous folly?

Well, I can's speak for the circus performers, but I can speak for my ideas about touring.

I want to be with the people so much.

I want to play my songs and test them out in places where I know no one and see if the songs can be a bridge.

I am seeing that my songs can be a bridge.

These people are not inviting me back because we've all become such close friends.

They're inviting me back because they're as excited as I am about my songs and their potential in the world.

We all see something shimmering, promising, in the music I'm making.

We are trying to capture it, forward it, share it, fan the sparks into flames.

So it is a tight rope walk to make it happen but it is a beautiful act of faith as well.

"Fear is my enemy, money is my rival.

Gratitude is the remedy and love is my survival.

Hold me up, hold me high.

Don't let me fall."

The obsession continues as I add more dates to my summer schedule here on the website for the world to see.


This French painting by Forain is so wonderful to me in part because the female tight rope walker decided it was appropriate to wear a tutu when she attempts this death defying feat, as do I when I attempt mine.

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