Spotify Playlist today for Hey Lulu!

They're playing my song! A Spotify playlist today has included my song Hey Lulu! I love this song so much and love to play it live so much because people's faces light up every time. I want the world to hear Hey Lulu and love it like we do.

On this recent Europe tour, one of our rowdiest crowds asked for Hey Lulu to be played a second time at the end of the show. First they were shouting for an encore. Then they started shouting for "Hey Lulu! Hey Lulu again!"

Haha. That was awesome. So Rob and I started in on Hey Lulu again and this time everybody in the place got up and they formed sort of a dance line in front of the stage...several rows of dance line even....and everybody just danced and sang along to Hey Lulu!

Rob and I improvised something like a dance long play club mix and just kept Lulu going on repeat. It was crazy. I loved it. I was smiling so much I couldn't have been happier. It was super great.

So here's Hey Lulu today on a playlist from The Netherlands! 

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