songwriting and raking out the garden

Songwriting is something you work and and pray for all at the same time.

Raking out the back garden beds at Rob's house and watching for little shoots to come up from the herbs and bulbs I've been planting since I started living here three years ago, I hum little melodies, I think of possible song lyrics.

The back garden is fenced in so my little dog can play with his ball when I'm out there.

My daughter Nina is here still, and she held the paper lawn bags open while I stuffed them with twigs and dry leaves.

The songwriting is being pulled in many directions, many thoughts and interruptions, many conflicting feelings.

Rob has been working on my new cover tunes new album of songs by great songwriters who inspired me when I was a young girl.

But he has had to work for free, I haven't had a budget to cover his work, and now he says he has to put it on the back burner because he needs to take some solid paying projects to keep his business going and pay the mortgage on this house...where my daughter and my dog and I all enjoy the back yard and everything else.

It's been my hope for years now that I would lift myself and those around me with the success of my recordings.

Rob has a great reputation but he needs a famous album to make an indelible mark in the music industry so that he could choose his projects and never have to work for free, or work long long hours to make clients sound good when they aren't as proficient as he'd like.

Rob works on original music with emerging artists and he puts his security and his health on the line every time, always, of course, in hopes of knocking one out of the park.

He has told me in the past that making original music is like baseball in that even the best players with the best batting averages strike out most of the time and rarely get a home run.

I am encouraged by the invitations I'm getting to perform live as the opening act for some better known artists in similar genres to my own.

Hopefully these invitations will continue and the added exposure to new audiences will help lift my recordings.

Hopefully I will continue to be inspired to write new material for new recordings to come.

Right now, we are praying for more miracles.

There have been many and there's no reason to think they won't continue to rain down upon us from the Heavens.

Love to you today and happy Spring.

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