songs in my sleep

I'm writing songs in my sleep.

Almost every morning I've woken with a song playing in my head, the words on my lips.

By the time I get the paper and pen moving, I can't quite remember how it went.


Illusive as butterflies.

Capture it and it is ruined.

I try to pin it down and the magic disappears, it's wings crumple, it gets sick and dies.

How am I going to do this?

Magical songs coming to me in the night, in the early morning.

I will get better at sneaking up on them.

I won't wait to drink some water, to go to the bathroom, to turn on the light, to find my glasses, to sit up and adjust the paper.

I will just lean over on my stomach in bed, reach for the pen on my nightstand and start scribbling on loose paper stacked right next to my hand. 

Tomorrow morning, I'll be ready for it.

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