Something ends as new opportunities appear

I have been wondering whether to continue my Wednesday residency. The cozy little cafe/bar has been seeming to have some lack of support or organization lately. I have hesitated to end my weekly performances there because it’s been a safety net for me, someplace to show up to once a week, something allbeit very small to show up to.

Well, yesterday the management sent me an email saying they will close their doors as of today! They said the business has been bought and they don’t know the plans of the new owners as far as music goes. Huh.

I am taking this as the definitive answer I was looking for.

No more Wednesday residency, no more wondering whether it’s good for me or bad for me.

Today though I added some brand new shows in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

And I added a new show in Upstate New York for next October.

I intend to go with the flow in 2019.

I think I’m off to a good start! 

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