someone already pre-ordered the handmade book and the "cover songs" EP!

There's nothing better than the encouragement of others to spur you on!

Artists spend energy trying to block out competition and criticism.

But when positive feedback comes your way, you can soak it up like a growing tree loves a drenching rain.

Yesterday I received an email from a long time great music supporter and thankfully a fan of mine.

He wanted to pre-order the new "cover songs" EP and the new handmade book!

I am so grateful because these two new items will be available beginning August 1st and I have been wondering what kind of interest there will be.

So far so good!

I am thrilled to have someone asking for them already.

Only Rob has seen the little books I'm making, but he thinks they're pretty good.

He is saying I should make photos of all the pages of each one so that they could be replicated later.

Right now, each one is completely original with completely unique content, and because they're hand written too, they are impossible to recreate, so maybe I'll have to do what Rob is saying.

If they are well liked, I will sell them all and then I won't be able to recreate them for sure!

I think it's delightful that they're so small and so whimsical.

Each one is going to be sealed (after I take the photos I guess) with a small sticker so that you can't flip through them when you pick one out. You just have to go by the cover.

They each have a different title and the date that they were written on the cover. Inside, they have poems I write on the spot. They have little stories from my life. They have small drawings. They have quotes from my songs and the songs of my favorite writers.

If I take photos of them all, then we could choose the best ones or the best parts of each one, and they could be published as a collection. If there were maybe six different ones to choose from, that would be fun! For this tour my goal is to make twenty of them, but to maybe copy those twenty so there are doubles at least of every one and a total of forty to sell.

And the EP of cover songs is coming along great too!

This first edition will be probably eight songs. We're burning the CDs ourselves and making a simple cover design for this Europe tour.

If we all love these recordings, as I'm hoping we will, then when we get back to Minneapolis in late August we have time to add a few more songs to make maybe ten or twelve.

If I want to release the cover songs EP as a full album in October and distribute it to the world, then I will have to come up with the fees you have to pay to record other writer's songs.

The cost for this is around $100 per song, maybe a little less.

So, for now, it is going to be hand burned CDs available only at my shows or if you write to me personally and request one as my heroic fan did yesterday.

I don't want guys like John Prine and Bob Dylan having to go without their royalty check from me (said jokingly but with all due respect) so hopefully this EP will be well received so I can raise the money to pay the fees!

All in all, I could not be happier about the prospects for these two projects!

Here's a picture of one of the books I made last night....

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