solo shows tonight and beyond!

I am playing solo again tonight by choice.

I like what's happening with me and my audiences when I play for them by myself.

It isn't the same thing.

With a full band it's totally different.

When I've toured with only Rob Genadek, the producer of my recordings, and we play as a duo it's been very fun and rewarding.

I tried touring solo a few times when I lived alone in New York.

I toured around the East Coast, and up into New England.

But it felt scary and demoralizing a lot of the time.

I wasn't able to hold my own to the strangers who would be my audience.

My reputation was not big enough to precede me so I didn't have any credibility walking in other than whatever the venue had said about me to patrons.

The venues were very small and I was small too, a tiny person in a big world.

I don't feel that way now!

I owe a lot of my built up confidence to Rob. 

When he toured with me as a duo he really tried to make it about me on stage. We weren't a rock band like the White Stripes, who were also only two people, I was a songwriter and he was accompanying me for a fuller sound.

And he was there so I wouldn't be scared out of my mind or get depressed.

But now the future is beaconing with possibilities as a solo artist, which is what I've always been.

I have to keep perfecting my strengths as a solo performer so that an audience feels fulfilled when they hear me play.

I want to prove to myself that it's enough to play my guitar and sing my songs.

A few stories thrown in for sure.

One last thing today.....Rob has sent off my album tracks from last summer to see if they can be retrieved from the hard drive that crashed.

It was to be a new album of my favorite old songs that I sing that inspired me as a songwriter.

We'll know next week whether they can get us back the recordings from the damaged hard drive.

We had to wait all this time because we didn't have the money to pay for this, but we have help now, so we can go forward hopefully either way.

It's great to have a solo show tonight and one this weekend too.

It's great to be working on new recordings again too.

It's all pretty darn great.

I hope you feel happy today too.

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