solo show is a triumph

The headline reads: solo show is a triumph.

It's true.

I played to a full room at a private house concert last night.

It's the third time I've been invited to play there.

It's the first time I went solo.

I was afraid they would miss the great drums and backing vocals that Rob G provides, and has been providing, for three years now.

It's funny because I remember being afraid that people couldn't accept me dropping down from a four piece touring band to a trio.

Then I was afraid they wouldn't like it being just Rob and me.

Now I've been afraid They wouldn't like me, just standing there by myself, playing my songs for them.

Last night they did like it.

Many of the people in attendance had seen the last two shows with Rob in that same setting.

They all came up saying they liked me playing solo even better.

They said it was more interesting, captivating, because of the raw emotion and the evident courage it took for me to do it.

I was wearing my heart on my sleeve they said.

Well, that was true.

I wanted to play Bury Me, my winter epitaph of a song about my beloved Northern lake, and that song feels like a big rock anthem.

Would they like it, would I like it if it was just me and the guitar?

I wrote it in my bedroom, just me and the guitar.

I thought it was satisfying that way at the time.

The answer is yes, it worked.

I think that people who know my recordings don't mind hearing me play without the backing accompaniment because it's sort of going through their heads anyway when I'm performing, and they're sort of singing along anyway so they aren't even listening that closely.

If people don't know the recordings, they are listening to the words and trying to understand the meaning and the emotion, and they can maybe, probably, do that better when I play solo anyway.

One more super exciting thing: I have so much solo material prepared now, because of my longer shows I've been doing at small venues, that I literally can't even begin to play all the songs I want to play in one house concert evening. I could have played for another hour easily. 

But you're supposed to leave them wanting more.

I did that!

I feel that I am proving something to myself, and at the same time I'm gaining the 10,000 hours of mastery as a solo performer which I hope will make me achieve a new level of professionalism and confidence.

I'm grateful that people are giving me the opportunity to play for them.

By the way, I have the weekend dates of February 8 and 9 open this coming month and I would love to play a house concert if anyone would be willing to host. We take a donation so the host doesn't need to pay anything, and the host can invite their own friends, family, neighbors, and ask them to byob so that there's virtually no cost at all. Set out some chairs in your living room and away we go!

You can send a message through the contact Courtney page of this website if you have any ideas for that weekend for me.

Love to you, on this cold winter morning, from Minnesota.

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