so much to tell you

I have so much to tell you.

I've been away from this blog for almost an entire month and I genuinely missed it.

I am a person who writes to process things.

I am a person who tells stories to entertain and to illuminate that which I see to be Holy.

I see the hand of God played out before my eyes a thousand times a day and I want to share that with you.

It will either entertain you or inspire you.

If it disgusts you and makes you decide that I'm crazy, well then good luck with that perspective.

One of my past husbands was like that and look where it got him.

I hope you know I purposely throw in lines like the one above to entertain you, to add a little spice to my writing so you will be surprised.

It's all for you.

I am an entertainer.

I love to surprise and delight and challenge my fellow humans as best I can.

I am proud to finally, at fifty-seven years of age, own my desire to please.

A people pleaser I have always been.

A true entertainer I have become.

What I am finding is that I don't feel as trapped to be a people pleaser off stage now that I am leaving 120% on the stage as an entertainer. When it comes time to get paid at the end of the night I am all business and I am there to be sure I am rewarded as I deserve. The people pleasing has been accomplished so I can just be straight with people off stage now.


So many lessons learned in these last three weeks on tour.

Fifteen shows in eighteen days.

We slept where ever anyone would put us up in order to make the money work out so Rob could get paid enough to pay his mortgage and all his bills when we got back, and I had enough to cover at least the basics upon my return.

People helped us along the way. People helped us a lot. 

I will try to tell you stories as I get back into this daily practice of writing privately to the public.

I am able to say as much as I want to here.

This is my little tiny corner of the internet and I am free here.

This is much more fun for me than writing in a journal now because when I'm not on tour I miss the entertaining, the connecting, the storytelling, the humor.

I'm so grateful for this message in a bottle format I have here and I do so hope you will enjoy this daily blog with me again.

Write a comment if you feel inclined. Say whatever you want. "This is our house, these are our rules.." as Miley likes to say.


Courtney August 27, 2018 @10:03 pm
Thank you Mieke, thank you Blake. It feels good to be connecting this way again.
Blake D. August 26, 2018 @11:14 am
New entries in this blog are one of the highlights of any morning's reading of the interwebs!
mieke sanders August 25, 2018 @02:32 pm
Hi Courtney, glad to read this, will try to follow your blog. Nice to have seen you again at Wim's in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. I've loved so much that you told me about feeling so good on stage! love :-) Mieke
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