so much to believe in now

I believe in this journey one hundred percent.

I'm being offered some very good shows for this year.

Take a look at my calendar if you have a minute.

It's really blossoming into a most promising 2019.

And yesterday a beautiful generous soul bought me a box of FORTY, yes 40, of my Sidney books from the distributor!

This is the greatest gift of all in many ways, a gift that keeps on giving, because I'll have copies to sell and sign at my shows now, through this tour and probably into the next month's shows.

I have been scraping by ordering 5 books at a time for $50 a box.

Forty books is so wonderful.

Thank you dear friend, if you're reading this today.

Also, I'm on the radio today in Minneapolis and I can tell people about the gofundme campaign for the tour next week.

My daughter Nina and I will be on the road for fourteen days and if we don't want to sleep in the car we will need $100 a day at the very least for gas and cheap motel room and minimal food.

$150 would make the tour luxurious.

We only have five shows officially booked and the shows will probably each bring in about $200 in revenue.

I am praying.

I am working hard playing every show I can this week.

Yesterday I sang final vocals for my new "Songs From The Road" cover tunes record.

I sang for five hours from 12-5pm at Rob G's Brewhut small creative space.

After singing twelve songs, each about three times straight through and many smaller takes, I then went to the Finnish Bistro, carried in all my stuff, set up my guitars, and played a two hour show.

Seven hours of singing.

That's a lot.

Today it's the radio show and then the Underground Music Cafe from 7-9pm.

See you at a show or consider making a gofundme donation.

I love you for reading this.

I really do.

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