so far so good!

I played my first Riverview Series concert last night and I loved it!

The sound there works out great. It's not too loud, people aren't talking too much.

People care and they are generous buying my recordings and books.

A nice glass of wine, a nice bunch of people, a pretty place with pretty lights inside and out.

A garden store right across the street to look out at and a lovely old movie theater showing films just on the opposite corner.

Next door is a full restaurant, the Riverview Wine Bar, with a fireplace and a great menu.

I couldn't be happier with this arrangement.

Five blocks from home for me.

I felt that I could play solo and not be a disappointment, and I played straight through for two and a half hours without a break.

I still had many more good songs I didn't play!

I have plenty of material for a long evening like that.

I can switch between acoustic and electric guitars and make enough of a variety of sounds to include all of my back catalog of original material and songs I love from other artists that I've collected over my forty years of playing guitar and singing.

Also, I swear to God, my voice is the best of my life. I think it's just because I am using it a lot and I am insisting on a very wide range in my vocalizing so my voice is really being exercised. I remember watching an interview with Linda Ronstadt who always had such an excellent voice, and she said that during her best singing years when she was on Broadway with the Pirates Of Penzance she sang six to eight hours a day. If you're using good technique you can sing a long show and not hurt your voice.

I love to sing for people. I really do. I think I love to sing for people more than anything.

Tonight I will have Rob G accompanying me for a three hour show in Faribault, MN at the 10,000 Drops Distillery.

I am ready to go and looking forward to it!

Here's me last night at The Riverview....


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