So Beautiful


I love to love Beauty.

I had a mentor in creative writing, a woman named Carol Bly.

She was the ex wife of the poet by the same last name.

Carol helped me with my first manuscript, when all of the four "Sidney" stories were written out as one big memoir.

I didn't end up publishing that version, the memoir version, and I thank God I didn't!

There is much more beauty in my fictional writings.

Fiction allows for magical thinking.

There are ghosts in real life, but they can be so much more in fiction.

Charles Dickens wrote fiction based on his own life, and he had ghosts too.

I think of how he wrote "A Christmas Carol" and how it held such power and such simple beauty.

When he first published it, the story became immediately popular because it resonated with everyone.

It was full of dark truths but at the same time it was so full of Beauty.

There was nothing else like it, and yet, it was instantly so familiar.

Charles Dickens could write beautiful stories because he was a beautiful soul.

Carol Bly thought a lot about what made good writing.

She thought that the character of the writer was the core ingredient.

She wrote in one of her essays something about how there are stages of development of human character.

She said that the simplest level was to have a love of Beauty.

The next was to develop a love of Justice.

The third level was to develop a code of Personal Principles.

The fourth was to be able to sacrifice those principles for the Greater Good.


Charles Dickens knew this, you see it in his works.


Something to aspire to, to be able to live by all four:

to enjoy a love of beauty

defend your love of justice

live by your own code of personal principles

and be prepared to sacrifice those principles for the greater good


I will endeavor to live by all four.


And every day I will revel in the Beauty all around me.

I'm in a working class neighborhood in Minneapolis this morning.

A newlywed Robin couple are trying to decide whether Rob's front porch is a good place to build their starter home.

I'm watching them from the front windows.

They are beautiful as they look at me, first with one eye, and then with the other.

The April snow is melting and there is a freshness that only a Minnesota morning captures in my mind.

I'm going to take my little dog and head out to the mighty Mississippi for a long walk.

We'll head over to the beautiful Minnehaha Falls which has been an ice palace all winter but now has the mad rushing waters of early Spring.

Beauty abounding.



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