smiling about this coming Saturday's solo show

I woke up smiling.

I have a show this Saturday night, and I think it's going to be really special.

Maybe losing the weekly gig at The Underground is a good thing.

I am looking forward to this show partly because I've had about tn days off since I performed.

That's a long time for me right now.

But in the void there has been time for writing new songs and for learning other peoples' songs.

I learned an Amy Winehouse song, thanks to the prodding and encouragement of one of my songwriting clients.

I am learning the new Panic at the Disco song "High Hopes" which I listened to yesterday like ten times really loud. When I wasn't listening to "High Hopes" it was complete silence.

Silence, and long periods, days I mean, of silence, is crucial to my songwriting process.

It always has been.

I have lived like a hermit, even as a child on Lake Vermilion in the summers, even in New York City, even as a mother with children, even when I was in my twenties and worked in advertising for five years in Minneapolis.

I have spent any free time alone. Listening. Out walking, bicycling, cross country skiing. Listening.

I am spending long hours walking the Mississippi trail. 

I take my little dog, and then I bring him back and I go out a second time, alone, and maybe head to the grocery store for something small that we need, on foot again, just to have more time to think.

A lot of artists and writers have said that you can't think seated at a desk. Obviously you have to be able to, to make anything come to fruition, but the real ideas come when you're moving....driving, running, walking, skiing, and it won't happen with someone talking at you.

The show this Saturday night stands to benefit from this time off from the stage.

I have never been to this Bistro, The Finnish Bistro it's called, and I am purposely not driving over there before hand because I never see the places I play on tour before I actually arrive to play and it's part of the excitement, so I'm letting that happen here as well.

I want to prove to myself that my set list is shifting and evolving into something new and improved.

I also am going to wear a dress that I have never performed in before, it's a different style from my usual ideas about tutus and leather jackets, but it's a style of dress that I used to perform in when I first began to play solo shows fifteen years ago. I love it so it may work.

I think the idea of a dinner show is delightful. The place closes at 9pm so it's a pretty early night, 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Saturday night, cozy little bistro, one woman playing a small electric guitar in a very cool dress and Doc Marten platform boots, songs from another era and songs just out now on the radio, interwoven with her own songs that tell the tale of the Northern trail and where it lead her to reach this point.

I will stand in my emancipation and sing, proud that at this point I am surviving, have survived another year, on my artistic pursuits and the kindnesses and support of my fans. 

What will this new year bring?

I feel so much promise in the air.

Come join me if you can at The Finnish Bistro, I'll be playing there four times in the next two months.



Courtney Yasmineh January 10, 2019 @10:32 am
Thank you Josephine for this reminder of what's important. I will play lots of my songs!
Josephine Lane January 09, 2019 @10:44 am
I look forward to seeing you perform an Amy Winehouse song but of course your own songs are the best.
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