small efforts

I read recently that the small grains of sand make up the beautiful beaches of the world.

The metaphor is that the small efforts make a big impact when joined together.

Yesterday, by some grace of God or pull from the Universe, or both, I achieved the makings of an excellent summer North Woods tour.

I have two Saturday nights and the Friday in between booked already, as of yesterday, with seemingly very little effort.

The interactions were all very smooth and kind and respectful.

I am getting the guarantees for pay that I think are necessary to make my touring viable.

I'll be up in my favorite childhood places at my favorite time of the year, late July.

It's a miracle, and it's happening.

Last year we did something similar as the duo with Rob.

The duo means I have to split the money with Rob because he's missing a week of running his recording studio.

This year I'll be solo and that means I can relax.

There's more money, there's less pressure.

When I play solo there's very little set up, and it's my set up.

There's no one else's mood, no one else's preferences.

And I can play the songs, any songs, exactly the way I'm feeling them that day.

My feeling now is that, at this level of pay anyway, the viable touring is solo for me.

When I get to a more expansive pay level, it will be fun to have Rob and the rest of the band along again.

But when every penny counts, it's less stressful to play solo.

And, if you've been reading my posts lately, it may be more meaningful over all.

Anyway, solo it is for the July North Woods Tour, and I am happy with that.

Check out my calendar when you have time.

I really feel good about the 2019 plans shaping up.

So excited!


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