shows today and tomorrow!

We play tonight and tomorrow night in Santa Fe!

I'm so happy to get to play the music again.

I feel myself wanting to immerse myself in the songs like I have done all my life in times of trouble or hardship.

I'm getting really scared about our drive through the mountains to get to Ava on her birthday.

Driving through the mountains is one of my deepest fears.

When Rob drives us through mountains on tour I cover my head with my coat or sit in the backseat.

This time Nina needs me to not be an idiot.

I have to be a role model and a companion.

I have to keep my shit together.

I think I should try to drive half of it's six hours from Santa Fe to Denver.

I'm scared to death.

Follow the fear.

Follow the fear.


Why follow it?

I think because it dissipates and you get stronger.

Of course that's why.

So I must drive.

And downshift from drive into third as the Jeep starts down a long mountain decline so that the breaks don't overwork and overheat.

Downshifting a moving vehicle plummeting down a mountainside.

Okay, yeah, I'm doing it.

No prob.

Two more days until that has to happen.

Facing all my fears.

How about if I just put on the emergency flashers and go about thirty miles an hour the whole way and do the downshifting thing at the top of each hill so I'm ready?

That's my plan right now.


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