shows this weekend!

I have some fun shows this weekend!

Two of my children are in town so I don't want to miss out on anything but it's great to keep making the money too!

At the rate things are going, in 2019 I may have to replace my "fear is my enemy, money is my rival" theme song with some new song about how money is a friend of mine. Smile face.

Minneapolis and the surrounding area are being more supportive and I am getting some better music performance opportunities.

Last Christmas season, before I started this daily blog practice, I was so frightened about money that I took a temporary job as a dish washer at my friend's cheesecake baking business. I worked there many half days during the two weeks before Christmas and got a check on December 24th for about $350. That money bought Christmas dinner, stocking stuffers, and a new journal with a new pen under the tree for each of my children. That was about it last year. 

This year I have been saying all year that my goal is to not have to wash dishes at the cheesecake place this Christmas. I have been telling myself that I will get enough paid performance opportunities to make up the money....and more! playing my music.

Well, low and behold, a Christmas miracle, this weekend alone I have three shows, all solo performances, and each has a guaranteed base pay of $100, so in one weekend I will make the money the cheesecake place would pay.

Next weekend I get to play a private party at the MiniCooper car dealership in Minneapolis and they are paying Rob and me real pay, the amount I have set as my real concert fee, which is $1000. Rob has done many shows with me for nothing or for $50 so this will be a good paying show for him as well. A private party fee is like being the wedding band, you get paid well and you have a built in audience, plus these guys are letting me play my original music for them and not making me play radio hit songs. This gives me the chance to build a bigger fan base in this region too!

Okay, so enough about the money for now. I have used this blog as a way to expose the inner trials and tribulations of my being a full time artist, and if you read this regularly you have heard plenty about how money is my rival. But in 2019 money is my friend, so the tone of the passages I write about money will be proactive and positive, God willing and whenever possible.

"Gratitude is the remedy and love is my survival".  That part will remain true until the end.

It's the day after Thanksgiving and all is well.

Blessings of every wondrous sort and good tidings for the coming year to you.

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