Shows this week in Minneapolis!

I get to play some really fun and interesting shows this week and you're invited to them all!

Look at the calendar on this website for more information about each one.

I want to talk about what it feels like to have a week like this to look forward to and prepare for, and also what the dollars and cents looks like for an artist at this level.

So, one show is tomorrow and is my usual Wednesday happy hour residency at the Underground.

I love doing this because I don't use a set list, I play either acoustic or electric, I run the sound myself, I talk to whoever is there as if I've known them all my life.

It's really really fun. I don't get paid, the musicians there play for tips at that time slot unless you have a big crowd and then they'll split the till with you. Sometimes I only make ten bucks. Sometimes fifty. Sometimes more. Lately it's been ten, so please come to that show and put money in my tip jar.

Thursday I play two shows. The first is what I consider to be a very good invitation to be part of Give To The Max Day for the MN Music Coalition. Bring your friends, bring your aspiring music artist friends. These are good people to know. I like that they're including me because I think once I went to NYC four years ago they had sort of decided I was never going to be a local artist that they could count on. And since I was from Chicago I wasn't exactly their hometown girl anyway. And I'm not saying I didn't have issues about getting lumped in with the "local music scene". I did. I do. But I know they can't "lump me in" to anything now because I am coloring way outside the lines and there's no way to reel it in. So I am honored, truly, to get to play at their local artist thing on Thursday and I am really looking forward to it. We get paid $20 each for this. I'm not kidding.

Second show on Thursday night is a very nice songwriter showcase in Wyoming, MN. I've never been there, have no idea where it is, but I've been told it isn't far. I'm on a bill with two other very good female songwriters and I look forward to working with them both. They have both lived in New York and have both toured quite a bit so I think we will have a lot in common. Believe it or not we are not being paid for this at all. And yet, it's good exposure and saying no and staying home does me no good at all so I say yes and drive there. They sent me an email saying we have to provide our own mics and stands as well. And no pay, not even for gas. I hope there is a good audience and that people will buy copies of my book and my albums. I pray that they will.

Saturday night is my BIG once a month concert series at The Riverview Cafe in Minneapolis! And this month I have the big fun of having Rob Genadek playing with me and Magic Marc Percansky officiating as we celebrate the completion of our RUBY! project. We're going to perform the song "The Sun Shines On Ruby" for the first time ever live. We'll have copies of the song in CD form for everyone as well! This will be a great night to come hear my music in a two hour concert! Super fun casual place with cozy sofas, beer and wine, good snacks, kid friendly. The Riverview pays me $50 to put on this Saturday night once a month. Praying for people to buy albums and copies of my book.

So, you see, plenty of good work and good work brings more good work. And good work at higher levels brings acclaim and acclaim brings higher pay.

My black Martin has a buzz in the electronics so I'm bringing it in today hoping they can fix it by tomorrow night. Let's hope the bill isn't more than I'll make all week, but that is possible.

Thanks for letting me be transparent about this. I think it's good for people to know what it takes to keep fighting the good fight. And a special thanks to music promoters and music lovers like you, if you're reading this you are helping because you care enough to take the time, and you know that "you gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy".

I have a new link for contributions, if you're inclined to help keep the wheels rolling.


Rubin Latz November 13, 2018 @09:55 am
Keep on rollin', wheels! Thanks for these reality bites, Courtney. Hope to make it to the Underground. Sorry I'll be missing you, Rob, Ruby & Magic Marc (btw, he's the best) at Riverview. Hugs & $ to you all.
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