shows leading up to the tour and dreams in black and white

First of all, I have a few shows now leading up to our southwest tour.

I hope to make some money to pay my bills for the month and also to save up some money for gas food and lodging as we set out for Austin, TX.

I'm hoping my "special guest" Nina Luna, who is my oldest daughter and a very accomplished songwriter, will open a couple of these Minneapolis shows. It would be fun for my fans to hear her and meet her before the tour.

Okay, so that's that story.

The second thing is that I've been focusing on my "inner life" in a new way in recent months and one very strange and exciting development that I believe is coming straight from meditation practice is that my dreams at night have become very colorful!

I didn't ever realize it before but the dreams I've had...all my life as far as I can remember...were more like nightmares...bad things about to happen, bad things starting to happen....bad things developing.

The last few nights I've had dreams that are DREAMS as in "follow your dreams", pay attention to what you're "dreaming of".

I have had dreams where I'm floating in a beautiful tropical blue lagoon, on a little raft, flowers and fish and trees and blue water and nice smiling people everywhere around me. Whoa. Who's life is this? I ain't never dreamed like this before!

So, maybe the practice of meditation is healing my psyche that obviously needed healing more than I ever knew.

Love to you all today.

Here's me at the conservatory yesterday; photo by my lovely daughter.

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