shows and shows and shows

So the point of the shows and shows and shows is to make my solo performances a real thing of great and true value.

I am not there yet.

I remember hearing people speak of seeing an artist perform their material solo in a way that stays with a person forever.

Rob G tells a story of seeing Shawn Colvin play solo at the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis. He says she had a song out on the radio but she wasn't well know yet and she was driving herself around the country playing small venues solo and she was mesmerizing.

I tell a story of seeing Cat Stevens at the height of his career, on a huge stage at an amphitheater in Chicago when I was fourteen. He sat down at the edge of the stage without his band and played for us all his Father And Son song. Not a dry eye in the place.

To play solo and make it work for the audience is to get past a million insecurities, a million sabotaging thoughts in your head. See the last couple posts for examples of this.

I will be back at the Underground Music Cafe, after all, the next couple months, every Thursday, 7-9pm.

Two exceptions, because the world is built on exceptions, 2/14 and 3/14 are at 5-6:30.

I want to play brand new songs as often as possible.

Can She Do It?

We'll see.

What I can do for sure is strive to get better and be sure to not fall into a plateau of complacency.

A plateau of complacency is not what I aim to achieve by playing at the same place every week.

My mind doesn't work that way.

I'm almost always in "bigger faster smarter stronger" mode, although as it says in my Missing Us song from the High Priestess record, "this is my wish list of the improbable, impossible" but we push forward like the boats at the end of the Great Gatsby.

Yes we do! See you at a show! So many shows!


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