show in Denver tonight!

Tonight we play a nice show in Denver.

I get to do two sets!

I'm really looking forward to it.

It's a small brewery and distillery called Berkeley Untapped right on awesome Tennyson Street in a great little neighborhood in Denver.

My daughter Ava lives right by this place and she helped me set up the show.

I'm grateful to be able to play.

Monday is The Laughing Goat on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Then we drive home to Minneapolis.

I feel very grateful that my gofundme campaign, which was set with a goal of $1500.00 has just about been reached.

We're $60 from completion right now.

The idea of the campaign was to ask fans to help us make this road trip with video filming and shows a reality by giving us a safety net of about $100 a day for a base budget.

Motel 6 costs about $65.00 a day, gas is about $30 a day, for us to cover nearly 3000 miles across the Southwest.

Food and other accidentals push the minimum budget up to more like $150 a day.

But, in Denver we stayed with my daughter Ava and that has helped, and we didn't have to drive much for these couple of days either.

So, it's all working out.

The show revenues are averaging about $150 in sales and pay so far.

That's the rundown.

As I keep saying, the struggle is real, but it's also a wonderful journey and I wouldn't have it any other way, one step at a time with a bright shiny future before me.

Love to you from Denver today.

If you want to be the hero and finish this baby off....



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