I am very aware lately of people who are scammers.

I will immediately add myself into this discussion.

Yesterday I had the MN State Tax men over for tea...okay, I didn't offer them tea....I actually didn't even offer them water....truth.

I was feeling like a scammer because they were pointing out that a public funding campaign for making a new album is a cute fun little donation thing if your music is a cute fun hobby, but once you have declared to the world that you are turning yourself into an international superstar, then that money is taxable income. Damn. They got me there.

But then I asked them about another donation in question, and this one was made privately, by someone who just wanted to help, and who wrote a letter on my behalf stating that the money was truly a one time gift with no strings attached. But they were saying that because this person wants me to succeed as an artist that they had a vested interest in my "business" and are then considered a contributor to my taxable income.  Shut. Up. 

So these guys are representing the State and they are sitting on Rob's front porch...yes I had them sit on the porch....and they are trying to get me in trouble on a technicality. 

All I can say is scamming goes both ways and I hate it. People can move the line on just about anything to suit their interests.

I really want to get as straight as possible in my life as it pertains to telling the truth.

My daughter Nina just did tarot readings for everyone in our family when we were all hanging out at Rob's house last weekend.

My reading cautioned me to take the high road.

Take the high road.

There is always a low road beaconing. You know it.

Watching other people take the low road can be really sickening.

Watching yourself take the low road is sickening too.

I had a conversation this week with a guy who wants to play shows with me. He wasn't taking no for an answer.

The guy's musical performances are really poor quality in my humble opinion.

I wanted to get mad and tell the guy I think he and his cronies are a bunch of hacks.


That would not have gone over well, especially because if a person plays shows and persists in playing shows, the person thinks their performances have merit and so they straight up will not believe you if you tell them they suck and that they should go home and practice more before they ask to open for you again. They just get mad and say you're mean.

So I took the high road and said that I didn't think their music was a good fit for me to be the opener for my shows and I didn't elaborate even when pressed.

The truth. Tell the truth. But don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say.

Who am I to tell another artist they aren't good at what they do?

So many people have told me I'm not good enough. So many people have told me I'm too old. I just keep trying to improve on what I have to offer and keep trying to downplay things I can't change.

There's no point in scamming somebody and saying "yeah, I'd love to have you open sometime but right now all my shows are spoken for and there are no open slots."

That would be a lie.

And what a tangled web we weave when first we try to deceive. There's a saying that goes like that.

So, I'm not scamming anybody and I am going to resist the urge to get out of things gracefully with white lies.

"I'm sorry, I'm not available that evening." "I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable meeting you alone for a drink." "I'm sorry but I think you're a total creep and I don't need another stalker." "I'm sorry but I'm leaving the country for a long time so we can't set a later date." "I'm sorry but even though you're saying you want to meet for drinks to discuss how you can help me with my music career I feel that if I agree to meet you you're probably just going to hit on me and I hate when people do that, so no." "I'm sorry but you don't get to ask me whether I'm in a relationship because whether I am or not doesn't affect you because you would still not be a candidate."

There are a lot of mean things people can say.

I have an arsenal of mean things on the tip of my tongue.

But just because I don't want to be a scammer does not give me license to run rough shod over people who are just trying to be nice to me.

The truth is your best defense, but kindness is your shield and your sword.

Kindness is the only thing that wins the day.

Kindness means not saying anything hurtful.

Nothing hurtful ever needs to be said.


So no lies and no hurtful statements.

How hard is that, right?




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