Santa Fe!

Driving up into Santa Fe, New Mexico is like arriving at the pearly gates.

It's so beautiful you feel like it can't be real.

I'm so glad to be here and to be showing this beautiful place to my daughter Nina.

Even the Motel 6 is so nice it makes the other ones seem even worse than we thought at the time.

Also, we have our shows here tomorrow and the next day, and they're very close by, so we can take gasoline off the budget for these three days now.

We're planning to do the lip syncing shooting for my music videos today.

Rob G sent me the tracks for three of the cover songs and I'm going to play the song on my phone in my back pocket and just sing along while out in the beauty of Santa Fe someplace.

It should be great!

We're doing this!

It's working!

I'm looking forward to the shows the most.

Thank God for the music.

It makes everything else make sense.

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